How We Work

How We Work

We work in most simplistic way.  Your need is our execution ! Just as Panchkarma has 3 steps (Purvakarma, Pradhankarma and Paschaatkarma), The Digital Veda also has 3 steps (understanding your need,  correcting and validating your need and finally executing the need)

1. Need dicussion and understanding

To achieve your business aim and goal, the first thing is to understand from you about your aim and goal. Unless you speak-out, it is not possible on what to work on. If you are not clear with your business need or goal but want something  on digital front which can add more income to your setup, speak to us. We will ensure that we come personally to meet you and jointly make a clear picture of what’s going on in your mind. No form filling or no complex process but just a call or email to us will complete the 1st step.


2. Need valiation and correction

This is 2nd step towards reaching your goal. But the problem here is that you may wish for sky and there is nothing wrong in that. However your need has to be validated against your available budget and other constraints. The need has to be seen and modified in light of practicality. We will do our homework and quickly come back to you with what is should be and not what you want it to be !  

3. Need execution and maintenance

This is the final step towards achieving your aim. We will present you the complete plan and milestones of achieving the corrected need. No complex business modelling or no complex PPT. Just a detailed discussion with you and post your concensus, we are good to go on execution.