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The Digital Veda provides you with all serivces which can help you to go online for your Ayurveda establishment. Leave it to us which all digital services are best suited for your needs. 

If you are not able to understand any of the services, don’t worry. We don’t expect you to understand all these technical jargons. We are just a call/email away (9039099203 / info@thedigitalveda.com) to clarify your doubts. 

We are only dedicated for Ayurveda doctors and clinics to make them digital !  Scroll down to read each of the service.

Manage change (and take the heat). Consultants are experts at fostering change in organizations, so if your mid-size company is rife with internal squabbling concerning imminent changes, bringing in a consultant can break the logjam. Consultants know that they’re often brought in for political cover and will shoulder blame for unpopular changes such as reducing head count and other cost-cutting measures.

Teach and implement best practices. Consultants are often the leading experts in the fields they work in. They not only have academic and theoretical expertise, but they’ve also worked directly with leading companies to implement change. If you want best practices in areas such as IT and management, then consultants are the best source available. Why try to invent a best practice when consultants have already implemented some with multiple clients?

Infuse creativity. Consultants have a fresh perspective on your business, so having an outsider come in and offer ideas can be tremendously helpful. Sometimes your in-house people are too close to your company and don’t have the perspective to examine the bigger picture within your market, but consultants can share valuable insights that boost your internal creative thinking.

Deliver training. You can hire a consultant to share knowledge about almost anything. Consultants are born trainers, so they’re a natural choice to do a training course or day-long presentation for your company in almost any area. A good consultant blends theory and practice, and this can deliver high value to your midmarket company.

Why you have got yourself online? Because you want your ayurveda setup to grow online as well, right? But just having a website is not going to help you to do so. You need to have a well-designed website. Your website is marketing for your business 24 hours, nonstop; without taking a break, so it is very much responsible for your online success. If you don’t pay enough attention, you will be left behind by the competitors.

The Digital Veda offers Website Management services. Website management is about building on and maintaining your online web presence. We continuously work with you one-on-one to make and maintain your website. Whether it’s updating the website with content, or building new interfaces to streamline your organization.

Website management entails several tasks, including updating the website content and cleaning up any bugs. Managing your website will also prepare the site for future growth, as the site hosts more visitors and offers more services.

In India the need of doctors websites is increasing day by day. A website will help you reach crores of patients. India has really a booming prospect of online medical services.

Build patient loyality with customized medical app

Ayurveda medical app from The Digital Veda is a customizable mobile application designed specifically for Ayurveda professionals.

Customized medical App for Doctors/clinics/hospitals is fully-integrated, personalized patient care solution for healthcare scenario.

The Digital Veda “Ayurveda medical app” is a state of the art that makes a “wow” factor to your patients which will differentiate you against the competition. You can offer “Personal touch” which means your clinic/hospital will remain top-of-mind to the patient on their terms.

Patients can easily schedule appointments, communicate with your clinic/hospital through medical mobile app. Customized deals, promotions and update about your clinic/hospital, referrals, and shares on social Medias make “calls to action” for patients.

Ayurveda medical app is an innovative and a reasonable way for healthcare professionals to impact core business metrics such as higher patient retention, attracting new patients and increasing office traffic.

Our easily personalized medical app will suit your need which ensures that each patient is booked with the correct doctor, for the correct appointment type and duration.

If you want to build your website presence on YouTube platform to reach millions of audience, then our You-Tube channel management service can start and run your channel efficiently.

YouTube services of The Digital Veda includes:

✓ Channel set up

✓ Channel cover photo

✓ Thumbnail creative for videos

✓ Youtube keywords optimization

✓ Video title & meta optimization

✓ Videos editing (raw video to be provided by client)

✓ Video uploads

✓ Youtube video promotion

✓ Youtube discussion posting

✓ Increase in Youtube video views

✓ Comment moderation

✓ Profile optimization

✓ Board creation

Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers.


There are many reasons you should make email marketing one of your top priorities, but here are the top 3:


1.   Email is the #1 communication channel. At least 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis? That can’t be said of any other communication channel.


2.    You own your list. On any social media platform, your account (along with all your fans and posts) could be suspended or deleted at any time, for any reason, without notice. However, you own your email list. No one can take those leads away from you.


3.   Email just converts better. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138%  more than those who do not receive email offers. 

Let us admit that two digital marketing tools are used by each one of us irrespective of our profession. One is facebook and second is whatsapp. 

However facebook advertising and promotions is a vast area of subject. Most of us limit our use of facebook in terms of writing a post on our timeline and liking a post of our
friend. Beyond this, we have hardly used facebook. However there is more to facebook than what you know about facebook.

A major benefit of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising.

You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location. If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook advertising to engage them.

The obvious first step in Facebook marketing is Facebook pages. It is similar to your personal profile but this is a profile of your business or brand. A Facebook page delivers information about a brand such as products, services, aim, values, mission, vision, etc.

We provide following services of facebook marketing:

✓Account/Page Management

✓Analyze your audiences

✓Create social media calendar

✓Create a content strategy

✓Identify hashtags

✓Profile optimization

✓Creative images aligning business goals

✓FB stories posting

✓Post sharing in groups

✓Cover image creative and upload

✓Targeted page likes

✓Video sharing (provided by client)

✓Call to action button

✓Facebook review postings

✓Deleting of unwanted spam

✓Facebook insight monitoring

✓Traffic monitoring through “Google Analytics”

Reach your customers or partners anytime and anywhere with a short and accurate message that drives the desired action. SMS text messaging provides a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to communicate.


Import & Segmentation
Upload mobile numbers from Excel or copy from clipboard. Sort your contacts into different segments and lists.


  • SMS Sender ID
  • Turn simple SMS into a powerful branding tool by displaying company name as the sender of a text message.


  • Personalized SMS Messages

Send thousands of personalised text messages in just seconds to all your patients and potential leads.


  • Schedule Text Messages
  • Schedule your important SMS reminders, alerts, campaigns and notifications online to be sent when needed.


  • Languages & Unicode SMS
  • Send SMS in english or hindi. 

LinkedIn is a business platform where people build connections on the basis of their industry or niche. LinkedIn marketing is an essential asset for social media, as people build connections and try to communicate through various modes like: Image posting, article posting, link sharing etc. Adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy can help you expand your network, find right doctors and patients and cultivate a professional reputation for your Ayurveda establishment.

 The Digital Veda provides following Linkedin services:

Profile optimization

 Linkedin post sharing

 Targeted linkedin connection

 Company page creation

 Company page follower increase

 Company page creative banner

 Profile connection build up

 Relevant group joining

 Encourage connections to connect with your page

 Publish valuable content

 Publish content as per linkedIn algorithm

 Incorporate linkedIn ads if required

 Keep an eye on linkedIn analytics

Statistics suggest that 85% of patients enjoy receiving and reading the periodic newsletter sent by its physician. If you’re not sending patient newsletters to your patients in between visits, you are overlooking a very valuable tool to connect and communicate with them and may want to consider actively utilizing this approach. In fact, it is actually a very effective way to foster stronger relationships, increase loyalty and obtain quality patient referrals.

By engaging your patients through newsletters, you also ensure that:

  1. Your practice stays on the forefront of your patients’ minds
  2. You are actively engaging
  3. your patients and reminding them to consider their health.
  4. You get the opportunity every month to share best health practices and advice.
  5. Your patients are educated and have information they can share with friends and family on a regular basis (including the caring and concerned source of that information)
  6. You are taking advantage of a strategic and effective marketing tool useful for both existing and new patients.

A well-written and properly targeted newsletter can serve a variety of purposes, ranging from maintaining patient loyalty to boosting sales and even conveying important information to them.

A newsletter helps in attracting new patients as well. Building patient relationships should be one of the top priorities in your practice. Connecting and communicating with your patients through a monthly newsletter is a simple, yet effective tool for achieving this.

blog is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

It seems like a large measure of healthcare marketing is digital-driven for doctors. It’s standard practice for providers, medical groups and hospitals to have a website. OK, check. And creating a Facebook page is simple fare. OK, check again. Then there’s Twitter. We’ll that’s only 140-characters; so that’s easy enough. Someone in the office can do that. So check-off “social media.” All done? Right?

Benefits of why you should start a medical practice blog…A doctor blog engages prospective patients, builds trust and relationships, and inspires referrals and attracts new patients for the practice mix you want.

The physicians and surgeons who are among the best-known doctor bloggers will tell you that they truly enjoy the mental discipline, intellectual exercise and public/patient interaction. They will also point to the educational benefits for both physician and for the patient/readers. 

Doctors who blog say they do so for a number of reasons: to educate patients, to market their practices, and to humanize themselves. In addition to getting your name out there, blogging  can allow doctors to be a source of reputable health info for patients. While lots of patient education programs come with ready-made materials for doctors to share with patients, a blog allows you to personalize your message with anecdotes from your own experiences practicing medicine or a particular patient case study.

If you’re a doctor thinking about blogging, here are four things to consider.

  1. A blog can increase your visibility.
  2. Blogs and social media can help attract new patients.
  3. Blogging takes time, but can also save you time.
  4. Blogging offers an outlet for connection and expression.
The Digital Veda can give much required blogging services for your ayurveda establishment. We have expert team who can write on all ayurveda topics.

Google My Business (commonly known as GMB, and formerly known as Google Local and Google Places) is a business listing on Google.

An important first step in any local SEO strategy is to claim and verify your local business’ Google My Business (GMB) listing. Getting on Google My Business can increase your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic rankings in general.

Your listing will have valuable basic data that will make it easier for potential customers to find more information about your Ayurveda establishment.

Once you have your GMB listing verified, now is the time to optimize your listing. (This is where you have a greater chance to outdo your competition!)


Google My Business Posts

Google Posts are almost like “mini-ads” or “social media posts” that show up in Google search in your Google My Business listing (in the Knowledge Panel and on Google Maps). The possibilities with Posts are endless! Posts show up prominently in your business’ Knowledge Panel, so don’t miss this opportunity to stand out.



Did you know that you customers — and potential customers — can send you text messages? This is a great way to connect directly with people interested in what you have to offer, and a great way to engage with people looking at your GMB listing (and you know that Google is always watching engagement.)


Google My Business online reviews

Google encourages business owners to ethically ask their customers or clients for online reviews. Online reviews appear next to your listing in Google Maps and your business’ Knowledge Panel in search results. Online reviews can help your business stand out among a sea of search results.


Doctor reviews posted online by patients are one of the most important factors in the overall success of any healthcare practice. 

More than ever, patients are visiting multiple doctor review websites to find a new healthcare provider and reviews are influencing their decisions.

Doctor Reviews Statistics

Before we look at which doctor review sites you should be monitoring, here are some interesting numbers worth considering:

  1. Almost three quarters (72 percent) of patients use online reviews as the very first step to finding a new doctor.
  2. 9 percent of patients say they selected a doctor based on positive reviews, and nearly the same percentage (60.8 percent) say they avoided doctors based on negative reviews.
  3. 41 percent say they still check a doctor out online even if they were referred to them by another physician.
  4. It takes one to six online reviews for 68 percent of patients to form an opinion about a healthcare practice.
  5. 70 percent of respondents feel its very or moderately important for providers to respond publicly to online reviews.

By claiming a listing on major healthcare review sites, healthcare organizations can increase their online visibility, review volume and patient acquisition.

The Digital Veda not only helps in listing your online presence on various 3rd party sites (like sulekha, just dial, practo etc) but also routinely update your information, monitor your online reputation and respond to reviews.

Search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising. 

Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts. 

Search Marketing encompasses: 

1) SEO: Earning traffic through unpaid or free listings  

2) SEM: Buying traffic through paid search listings

Originally called “search engine marketing,” the shorter phrase “search marketing” is now often used as the umbrella term over SEO and SEM. The longer phrase “search engine marketing” — or SEM — is now typically used to describe paid search activities.

Google AdWords is by many measures the most popular paid search platform used by search marketers, followed by Bing Ads, which also serves a significant portion of ads on Yahoo.

For reaching out to your customers (patients) through online mode, you need to present your thoughts in eye catching fashion. A plain text irrespective of its usefulness and importance might not make the much desired impact. The plain text is most boring way of presenting any information. But when this text is attached with an image or voice or a video, it makes huge difference.

The Digital Veda can custom make images, voice and videos for any of your ayurveda requirement. If you already have someone who is managing your online portfolio, we can provide with the content in your required form.

We can make brochure of your services, video of your services, any business presentation for you etc.

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